Photos & Videos of You

Photos & Videos

OWL Rafting sends a Kayaker with each trip* to capture your rafting day. Starting at your briefing and following you all day taking video and still photos of your rafting trip. The photographer/videographer says “sayonara” at the pontoon boats and speeds away to make video magic. Their goal is to make your video clips into a movie while you eat lunch aboard the pontoon boat.

Shortly after you return to the OWL Resort your video will be ready for preview. We play each video once for every rafting trip. Watch and relive the moments and fun and to decide if you want to bring a copy home with you. Our office sells copies of each video on USB. If you missed your video/photos and left before copies are ready we can mail you a copy with a small additional cost for shipping.

Photo USB’s and Video USB’s are sold separately but can be bought as a combo – ask our office staff about prices.

*Sport Yak trips and small family trips may not have a video.

OWL's Promotional Photos & Videos

We are happy to have anyone use our photos and videos. We do ask for photo or video credit when possible. If you would like full quality versions please feel free to email us with your request.

OWL's Promo Video

OWL's Family Video

Madawaska Kanu Centre's Promo Video

Madawaska Family Rafting Video