Our lakeside centre is the hub and starting point for all our trips and activities. Relax, stay overnight, and take advantage of our many facilities. We have four volleyball courts, a play structure, a disc golf course, horseshoe pits and more. The beachfront offers kayaks, canoes, pedal boats, a swim dock with slide, and lots of sand for just plain relaxing at the beach.

The 25 acre Resort is nestled on the banks of the Ottawa River, where it widens out into a lake. We have a range of accommodations available. The majority of our guests choose to tent in our campgrounds with stunning waterfront views. If you would prefer a roof we offer an upgrade to our rustic cabins or new luxury cabanas.

Come in and say hello!

Boutique & Registration

Your first stop when you arrive at OWL Rafting is our Office & Boutique. Our store and registration area offers a great selection of souvenirs, river gear, drinks, ice, and snacks. Come sign in with us when you arrive. During your stay, feel free to stop in at any time if you have questions or just to borrow a volleyball.


At OWL we require every person on site to sign a waiver, whether they are rafting or not. Our office staff will provide you with a waiver to sign and give you a wristband or ticket for your registered activity upon completion of the waiver. It is preferred that reservations for all of our services are made in advance of arrival. Our office staff are happy to help you if you would like to add on an additional meal, rafting day trip, or cabin upgrade upon arrival when possible.

Please feel free to ask our office staff for directions or advice on local attractions, restaurants, accommodations, or the river itself. We are happy to help.

Retail Boutique

In our retail store you will find all the gear you may need for a rafting trip, souvenirs for after your trip, and snacks for your stay.

Rafting Gear

At OWL Rafting we advise you to wear non-cotton clothing for your rafting day. This is for insulation. Non-cotton fabrics keep the warm air close to your body when you get wet. Even on a hot sunny day, cotton clothing can chill you and is more likely to chafe/rub. When cotton materials get wet, they cease to insulate you as the air pockets in the weave of the fabric fill with water, causing you to cool down faster. Our goal is to have the water of the river cool you when you choose to jump in, not your choice of t-shirt from a couple of splashes.

What non-cotton clothing should you wear? This is up to you. We advise synthetic materials, polyester, fleece, or wool. Consider the types of clothes you would wear to the gym or to a swimming pool. Bathing suit material, wet suit material, or lycra/spandex are all the kinds of options we advise you consider.

In our office we sell non-cotton clothing options: long  and short sleeve tops, shorts, bottoms, base layers, rash tops, and water skins for men, women, and children.



To raft you need shoes with a secure heel strap to keep your shoes on your feet. Secure footwear is needed for when you are out of the raft. Your shoes will protect your feet while you are in the river: the rocks in the river that create the rapids that can be sharp & rough. They will give you grip while walking on shore, as the rocks can be slippery when wet and gravel can be hard on bare feet.

Forgot your footwear? We carry a variety of options that change each year. We have watershoes that retails for about $30, and we have TEVA shoes and sandals if you are looking for a shoe you may be more likely to take home with you. Pop into our office to see what we have.

We also sell flip flops – not suited for rafting – but great for the beach.


Sunglass Retainers / Chums
One of OWL’s best selling items are Chums. If you plan to wear glasses or sunglasses on the river you will need something to keep your glasses on your face. Chums are one of the best solutions. If you raft with glasses without a retainer strap to hold them on your head, there is a very high chance you will lose your glasses.

OWL’s Boutique have a variety of options if you are looking to bring a piece of OWL home with you. OWL T-shirts & sweaters, mini paddles, water bottles, stuffed animal owls, mini canoes, and more are available from the office boutique.

Another favorite souvenir is the footage of you rafting. Our office sells USBs with the photos or video of your rafting trip. If you leave before buying a copy, you can give us a call and we will make a copy and send it to you with a small additional charge for shipping.

Drinks, Ice & Snacks

Bring a cooler with your pop or beer and top up on your ice when you get here. OWL has bags of ice available for sale from our office for about $3.00/bag. *We do not sell liquor at OWL Rafting. You are welcome to bring some with you. If you want to go to a local brewery, LCBO, Beer Store, or SAQ, please ask our office staff for a map and directions.

We have chips, pop, and ice cream available for sale in our office. We sell reusable water bottles – we do not sell bottled water.

Water, Coffee, and Tea are free and available in the meals area at all times.

OWL Rafting is located about 15 minutes away from the closest small town and about 30 minutes away from the bigger towns. Please feel free to bring snacks, beverages, prepared meals, and more with you for your stay at OWL as our options are limited. There are no cooking facilities available for general use at OWL.

Enjoy our sandy beach!


OWL has a beautiful sandy beach with shallow water and a gradual slope out to deep water and our swim raft with slide. We have kayaks, canoes, pedal boats, and stand-up paddle boards (SUPs) for you to use. There’s also a play structure for your kids to enjoy and loungers for the adults to relax on.

You will find the available equipment by the edge of the beach and on the beach racks. OWL’s Beachfront is unsupervised. As this is the case we provide life vests and request that if you do not wear one, that you bring one with you. We ask that you stay within the bay. Paddlers that venture out of sight range do so at their own risk. There are two islands you may paddle around; the islands occasionally have poison ivy so please be careful if you choose to explore them.


We have a variety of kayaks on the beachfront. Kayak paddles have two blades, and will help you paddle efficiently and straight.

Stand Up Paddle Boards

SUP! Fun for a paddle or for a game of King of the Castle. If you want to take one out, grab the long paddles with one blade or you will be bent over trying to paddle.

Pedal Boats

OWL’s pedal boats are a fun and low impact way to explore the bay. A quick note, some are missing back rests. We are sorry, they tend to go missing.


The canoes are lake canoes, perfect for exploring the lake but not for big adventures. The canoe paddles have one blade and a ‘T’ grip. Practice your j-strokes, draws, and prys, or leisurely paddle nowhere in particular: it is your vacation, after all.

The Swim Dock

Anchored in the bay of our sandy beach is a large swim dock. You can paddle or swim out to this dock. The water is often deep enough to dive. The water level at our lake is variable so please be careful and test the water with a feet first jump. Try out the water slide or relax in the sun.

The main dock is used for our pontoon boats as a launch point for lunch and dinner cruises. Guests may fish off the end of the dock during daylight hours. Please do not access the dock if the “No Access” sign is up.

OWL’s Beach Equipment is reserved for guests of the OWL Resort.

Enjoyment for the whole family!


OWL’s Resort is yours to enjoy. The activities are endless! If you are booked for a rafting trip we welcome you to stay for 2 hours before or after your rafting trip to enjoy the resorts additional activities. If you are in a package you will have 2 full days to stay and play.

In addition to enjoying our 4 beach volleyball courts, you can test your aim on our 9 hole Disc Golf Course or play a game of horseshoes. We also have a soccer field and a pump track for cycling enthusiasts (bring your own bike!) Volleyballs, discs and course maps, and more available at Reception.



OWL has 4 beach volleyball courts for you to enjoy. Grab the balls at the office. We also have badminton rackets and birdies!

Frisbee Golf

OWL has a 9 hole disk golf course exploring all of our property. Grab your putter and driver at the office as well as a course map.


Horse shoe pits overlooking the gorgeous Ottawa River.

Grass Maze

Get lost meandering through OWL’s long grass cut into a fun maze. Great for all ages.


OWL has a huge grass soccer field to play soccer, ultimate, or run around!

Pump Track

OWL’s owner has designed and built this bike pump track for all to enjoy! Bring your own bike!
25 acre wilderness retreat


The 25 acre OWL resort is a wilderness retreat. Our facilities are clean and well-maintained throughout, and we strive to be conscious of our footprint on our earth with each addition we make.

OWL’s hub of activity is the pavilion. This post and beam open space is your dining hall, entertainment zone, orientation stop before rafting, and post rafting movie spot. In the centre of the large space is one of OWL’s fire pits, surrounded by benches perfect for an evening gathering. This fireplace will be lit each night as the sun sets and on cooler days. It’s great for a marshmallow roast, but not for any cooking more complicated than a sausage on a stick. Towards the back of the pavilion is the lounge with benches and cushions. Here you will find board games and a TV with a small selection of DVD’s you may choose to play.

Our main washroom facility uses a Clivus Multrum environmentally friendly composting toilet system. This is a low-odour way to recycle our waste without using an extensive septic system or excessive water and plumbing. We also have 2 outhouses, 1 for night time convenience at the upper cabins and the other in our large camp ground. At each river put-in we also maintain outhouse facilities. Our main washhouse has a solar heating system to warm the water used to wash your hands.

Homemade with fresh ingredients!


OWL is famous for its cuisine. From our hearty buffet breakfast to our wonderful evening feast, all our meals are homemade with fresh ingredients. Every rafting trip includes a meal served hot from the grill on our unique pontoon boat during the return cruise to the resort. It’s no wonder our guests speak as much about the food as their day on the river.

Vegetarian and Gluten-free options are available – please request ahead of time.



OWL’s kitchen crew prepares and serves a hearty full breakfast each day. Our options vary by day of the week and from year to year. If you are curious please ask our office staff. Every breakfast has hot items ready at the grill some of the options you may see are bacon or breakfast sausages, fried eggs or scrambled eggs, hash browns or home fries, pancakes, french toast, or omelettes.

Available at every breakfast you will find; fresh fruit, cereal with milk, bread for toast with peanut butter, jam, honey, & butter, coffee, tea, and juice.



Resort Lunch is served outside; buffet-style. Available if you are on a Resort day or you can add one on before a late starting trip. Changing out of your beach gear isn’t necessary. An array of a well salads, accompany a hot BBQ item topped off with a cookie for dessert to fill your need to get back out to explore the resort in the afternoon. On cold days, our adjoining log pavilion provides a sizzling fireside bench for dining in comfort.



The Dinner bell rings at 6:30 pm for a wonderful evening feast. A vegetarian and gluten-free option is always available with prior notice. We love cooking, so we hope you look forward to meal time.

Our classic dinner served nightly is our Steak Dinner; including marinated BBQ grilled steak, baked potato, salad, dinner roll, corn or fresh veggies, and dessert.

Pontoon Boat Meals

Every rafter is treated to a cruise on OWL’s pontoon boats at the end of the rafting day. It’s part of the trip! Our pontoon boats meet you at the bottom of the rapids and have a hot meal waiting aboard. Pull on a sweater or towel from your prepacked duffel bag and queue up for the buffet. Your main item is served hot off the BBQ before you find your friends and pick your seat. Sit on the outside benches to catch the sun as you enjoy the meal on the pontoon cruise back to the Resort.